Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ally Kole at 2 Months Old

Our little doll baby is 2 months old 
and nothing short of complete bliss!
My best friend, Jessica, sure has a way of capturing exactly who my babies are in one picture.  And this picture is no different.  This baby truly is a sweet, little angel.

Now I know I am biased and if you're a baby lover like me, then you think all babies are pretty sweet.  But there is just a special about her… an extraordinary sweetness and delicate presence that anyone who has met or held her just cannot deny.
And in just two short months, she has changed our hearts forever.

How I've Grown:  She is a growing girl for sure!
Weight 11 lb. 8 oz 50th percentile
Height 22.5 inches 35th percentile

This growing stuff is a hard job!

Eating/Sleeping:  Breastfeeding is going great!  I was worried how things would be once I started back to work because that is when I started having a hard time pumping enough for Hamp but I've been back to work for over two weeks now and things have gone very smoothly.  I have been able to pump enough and still store some and I must say it has been pretty easy so far.  Ally Kole is eating every three hours.  On work days, I feed her at six then she has three breastmilk bottles during the day (at 9, 12 and 3:00) then I feed her again at 6:00 and 9:00.  

She is still sleeping like a champ!  For about the first six weeks, Ally Kole slept in her rocker in our bedroom.  This was very different for us because we put Hamp in his crib the second night we were home from the hospital.  Mostly because he was such a noisy breather we couldn't sleep.  But Ally Kole literally doesn't make a peep when she sleeps and I quickly became attached to having her next to the bed where I could easily sit up just to take a peek at her.  

But just before I came back to work I knew it was time to transition her to the crib.  I expected it to be a tough transition but surprisingly it wasn't!  The first night I laid her in her crib awake and she fell right to sleep on her own and didn't make even the slightest peep until I woke her up the next morning.  And she has continued to sleep great in her crib ever since.  She is seriously the easiest baby ever!  We do her last feeding right after her bath around 9:00 and then put her down for the night.  During the week I wake her up at 6:00 to feed her but I let her sleep until at least 6:30 on the weekend and yes I have to wake her up then too.  It's crazy, I know and I am very thankful she sleeps so well.  Keep it up sister!  

Hampton has really enjoyed waking his baby sister up every morning.  It warms my mommy heart

What's New and Firsts:  Oh that smile!  Ally Kole is such a happy baby and she has been showing off that precious smile for a while now and we cannot get enough of it.
She has so many little expressions that I just adore. I love those squinty eyes when she smiles and sometimes she even scrunches her nose.  I really love when she smiles so big that she scrunches her nose and her mouth is wide open.  

Ally Kole is trying so hard to talk.  She will coo and coo.  This is her I'm trying really hard to talk face
She is such a wiggle worm and pretty strong I might add.  She can kick those legs at 90 mph.  She can hold her head up very well and I feel sure she will be rolling over very soon.

Our bathing beauty loves her bath time

If you haven't already noticed, we all just adore her and we are having so much fun with her.  There is no doubt in my mind she was part of God's plan for our family all along.

Oh my sweet Ally Kole…it is hard to find the words to tell you how much we love you.  We have all watched your brother's face each time he looks at you, studying every detail about you, talking to you so sweetly (roughly but sweetly)…I don't think he'll ever love another girl the way he loves you.

I love to see how gentle your daddy is with you…it's pretty awesome.  He talks to you differently, not just because you are a girl but because you are his girl.  Oh yes, he is wrapped around your finger in deed
But it is true, you are mommy's girl.  You give me the sweetest smile the moment I start talking to you and it just melts me.  I am so smitten with you my girl
I love that special sweetness I see in you and I hope you always stay that way even as you grow.  I could stare at those beautiful eyes of yours forever and I'll admit, even while I'm at work, I pull out your picture from time to time just to look at you.  Time is flying by so I am holding you and kissing those cheeks as much as possible.
We couldn't be more thankful for the incredible joy you've added to our family.  Happy 2 Months Ally Kole!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hampton's 2nd Birthday Party...

Best. Day. Ever.

That is the only way I can describe Hampton's 2nd birthday!

The birthday boy woke up to his first present and the tradition of mommy's birthday pancakes!

Then the party prep began!

 The birthday boy could hardly wait for all his friends to arrive!

Judd bud was the first one to arrive and from that moment on Hamp was off and he didn't stop the rest of the day

 Let me just tell you…this boy had a BALL!

 We had loads of delicious food!  The cookies were a HUGE hit with all the kiddos

 Mac and Hamp…my how they have grown.  My heart can hardly stand it but I do love seeing them become "big boys" together

Hamp could not have been any happier having all of his buddies there to celebrate his birthday.  I feel like I can see this same picture in about 12 years leaned up against a truck in their baseball uniforms…Lord help us
 Hamp sure does love all of his sweet friends who came to play!  There is just way too much cuteness for one picture.
If they aren't the sweetest daddies then I just don't know what is!

 Hampton knew this party was all about him and he lived it up!

 And Mommy and Daddy loved watching our boy have a blast
 We couldn't wait any longer to dive into that delicious cake!

 An attempt at a picture with Allie Grey, Ally, and Ally Kole 
 Ally Kole got just a little bit of attention at the party.  How could you not want some cuddle time with that angel?
Hamp got so fun goodies!

 Ally Kole got some play time with her sweet friend Lily Bryan 

We spent the afternoon eating and talking and watching the kids play and play and play some more

 Did I mention how much the kids loved the cookies?  AnaKate was the biggest fan of all ; )  Smart girl!
 Ally Kole managed to get in a little nap
 While Hamp enjoyed his third or fourth cookie for heading out to play some more

 And while the cookies were a hit with the kids…I think the cake was a hit with the grownups!  Oh my it was good
I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to watch Hamp have so much fun playing with his friends.  I can't even put into words just how much fun he had.  He had a smiled glued to his face the entire time and he only slowed down long enough to open his presents or grab another cookie.  All of our sweet family and friends were there and we couldn't be more thankful for all the ways they love our Hampton.

As you can see, it really was the best day ever! So much so that I couldn't wipe the smile off my face that night.
 It was a happy happy birthday with our boy!